Welcome to “The Art of Living,” my new website and blog

In 1986 I was told that I was going to die of a brain tumor within the year by five neurologists. I did research and lived. In 2011 I was told I needed to get a mastectomy within a month or my life could be threatened. Again  I did research and chose to use a natural protocol instead. My MRI, mammogram, ultra sound and thermogram have all come back cancer-free and now  I want to share my story to help others.

Subscribe and receive the first chapter of my upcoming book titled “The Art of Living,” describing the many health challenges I faced and the support I received describing what worked and what you, as a supporter will want to avoid.

I have made myself available to answer questions on my blog and will chose from these to answer those that will help the most people. To help people follow a vegan diet as I did, you can email your favorite recipes and find the best recipes here.

To remind people to eat healthier, people can bid on original oil paintings by myself of fruits and vegetables, starting at just $100.00 and have an original oil painting, painted on linen or to give as a holiday gift.

I’m also available for consultations via Skype or phone. You can also contact me to give inspirational talks and Expressive workshops to private businesses, non-profit organizations, hospitals and cancer clinics, etc.

Those who have overcome cancer using natural means can email your story and I will post the very bests ones to inspire and give encouragement to others.


9 thoughts on “Welcome to “The Art of Living,” my new website and blog

  1. Chris DeWick

    Hi Sandi!

    I met you maybe 20 years ago? Back when I was managing Anguilla Gallery
    and you came in with your magnificent pastels…I knew then that you were a courageous woman! But breast cancer too? Lady, you rock!!



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