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“How did I have the courage to not get a mastectomy that my doctors recommended?”

I’ve received my very first question!  Thank you Carol for asking me, “Where did I get my courage?”

One of the reasons that I’m writing my book “The Art of Living” is because I have had an unusual life. When I was just thirty-three years old, five neurosurgeons told me that I was going to die in six months to a year, from an inoperable brain tumor. Who would have ever thought this would ever be to my advantage when I was told, years later, that I needed a mastectomy — but it most certainly was!

Because five out of five (of the best doctors that I could find) had been wrong in my past, I could not possibly believe that everything doctors say is true. I knew that doctors are just like the rest of us and that that they too make mistakes. I certainly make mistakes, so why can’t they? After all, we are all only human.

Plus the more I understand how our bodies work, the more amazed I am. I always believed that Our Maker would not have made us so magnificently and then just leave us to fend for ourselves. When I was taught as a child that we had immune systems, I smugly thought “I knew it!”

I told my surgeon that I am not someone to make quick decisions and he said that he would not be comfortable if I waited longer than a month to have the mastectomy. I promptly did much research.

Fortunately I have loving and intelligent friends in my life — people to whom I can turn to for help. My dear friend Julianne Eanniello,, helped me to ground and focus myself and to get my thoughts together. Her love is felt in everything this woman does.

Dr. Lillian Poston,, asked me questions and patiently listened to my answers as I expressed what my beliefs. This helped me to understand myself better and to clarify things in my own head. Dr. Lillian next calmly and generously shared her thoughts with me, which helped me to understand that others had overcome cancer using natural means before and that she had much faith in me.  I felt such relief and gratitude for this truly gifted and exceptionally loving woman. Before I left, Dr. Lillian handed me a CD titled “Cancer is Curable Now,”, which I took home and eagerly watched.

The film is about Marcus Freudenmann and his wife Sabrina, a naturopathic doctor as they traveled around the world, filming holistic professionals who work in the field of cancer alternatives — doctors, scientists, researchers and writers. A wide variety of natural cancer treatments, that have been quite successful, is represented. The Freudenmann’s created this film to get the world’s attention and it certainly did mine!

A few days later another caring and big-hearted friend BJ Gaynor,, handed me a copy of Bill Henderson’s protocol from his book titled “Cancer Free” and respectfully said, “You might want to consider this.” In less than two seconds I knew that this was what I was looking for.

Years ago, Dr. Lori Leyden,, from whom I learned stress management (after I got radiation damage from treatment on the brain tumor) had taught me that my body knew answers before I often intellectually did. Lori taught me the many advantages to listening to my body, and that we all can develop and fine-tune our intuition. Since I had learned to develop mine, when BJ handed me the papers, I could feel “YES” shouting loudly from every single cell in my body.

Does this answer your question as to where I got the courage Carol? Not having surgery just made far more sense to me and felt right, so I’d have to say my life’s experience contributed a lot and being blessed with having loving, intelligent, supportive and generous people in my life, as well as having a strong belief in God, is the short answer. All contributed to my belief that I could rid my body of cancer using natural means and avoid having surgery.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that I had learned the importance of empowering myself years before and to stop questioning and working against myself, as many people do. In fact, I think this is so important that it would be a good subject for a future blog.

Thank you again for your question Carol. Please keep these questions coming. I love sharing what I have learned from my experience and from what I have gratefully learned from so many wonderful people.

Together we can make the world a far healthier place. In addition to your questions, don’t forget to share your vegan recipes too, so that we all can help people eat a heathy diet, help people rid themselves of cancer and help keep cancer from ever reoccurring in others.

Love to you all,