Lemony Kale Chips Recipe

Remember the Lay’s potato chip commercial — “I bet you can’t eat just one!” Those of us concerned about our health wouldn’t want to eat even one today! We certainly still may crave a salty snack. I know that I certainly do. Kale chips are perfect for this! And they are good for you and kids love them too.

There are many different recipes for these, so you can make them according to your taste. I haven’t yet discovered any way of making them that I did not like. The following recipe is my favorite so far, however I would suggest Googling “Kale Chips” and seeing if any other recipe looks even better to you and try it. They are healthy and easy to make, so try making them a number of ways.

It is important that you use organic kale because kale is part of “The Dirty Dozen” — meaning they have a higher amount of chemicals on them than most vegetables. (You can Google “Dirty Dozen” and print out a list of the these fruits and vegetables, as well as those that you need not buy that are organic—such as avocados. Keep these lists in your wallet, to refer to whenever you are grocery shopping. You’ll eat healthier and save money too.) Because this recipe calls for lemon zest, be sure to only buy organic lemons.

Lemony Kale Chips


A bunch of kale, with stems trimmed off (because they are bitter but can be saved for soups) Break leaves into bite-size pieces. Wash well using cold water and dry with paper towels.

3 tablespoons of olive oil

2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar (Shake bottle before pouring)

2 tablespoons of lemon zest, from about two large lemons.

If cooking in an oven:

Heat oven to 375 degrees.

Place in a large bowl and toss all ingredients together, tossing well like you would any salad.

Spread evenly on two cookie sheets, trying not to let any of the pieces touch one another.

Place in oven but keep a close eye on it, because it can burn very easily. Cook for 5 – 7 minutes, rotating the cookie sheets and turning kale over with a spatula, about half way through. Kale ought to be dark and crisp but not burnt when done.

If you have a dehydrator:

This is my preferred method to cook kale chips because it will not burn, so I need not have to worry about this. Cook for the first hour at 135 degrees and the next 3-4 at 115 degrees.

Regardless of what way you cook your kale chips, they are good but they are best eaten right away while they are crisp, before they can absorb any humidity. Write me back and let me know how you liked this recipe or let me know how you like to make kale chips best.

Together we will help people to get healthier, overcome cancer or help stop it from reoccurring.

Thanks a lot.

Love, Sandi

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