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My Experience Using The Bill Henderson Protocol


You are a true inspiration, Sandi! Thank you for doing all of this! I have a question about a cancer- free diet. It appears it varies depending on who you speak to. Most people agree that sugar is a big no-no. Still, in Bill Henderson’s wonderful book “Cancer Free,” he mentions eating berries or pineapple every day for breakfast with the cottage cheese/flax seed mix, and that it is OK to have one piece of fruit per day, like an apple or a banana. So I am a little confused.

In it he suggests to eat 80% raw food like smoothies and salads. That sounds kind of tough with winter approaching. An acupuncturist I know also insists that one should eat more cooked and warm food and totally stay off fruit and berries of any kind if dealing with cancer.

 I was also wondering if ghee would be OK as a substitute for olive oil when it comes to gently cooking vegetables. It is supposed to be very healthy in many ways, most of the milk solids cooked away, but is it bad to use for people aiming to beat cancer? And what about coconut milk? Is that OK to use? Oh, boy, so many questions. Just one more. Do you have any suggestions for festive drinks with the holidays approaching and alcohol and hot apple cider, eggnog, etc. being off the list for people dealing with cancer?  Anything other than tea? Is Kombucha OK to drink?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Excellent questions and thank you for asking.

Refined sugar is indeed a no-no and yet how often are people, who have had cancer, ever told this by their oncologists? I certainly wasn’t. Thankfully, more and more doctors are learning about how our diets do affect cancer. I was happy to see this, written by Kathy Ludington, on the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute website. “Becoming more physically active, striving to maintain a healthy weight and eating a plant-based diet including substituting refined sugars and white flour with whole grains and other unprocessed carbohydrates can all help to keep insulin levels in check and promote cancer survivorship.”

Regarding your confusion, I do understand but this is because there isn’t just one way to overcome cancer. The documentary “Cancer is Curable Now” by Marcus and Sabrina Freudenmann, who run the Truly Heal website, shows there are many natural ways to cure cancer. In this movie there is about 30 natural cures that are shown after filming approximately 50. And this movie came out in 2011. (You can now watch it online for free at and I recommend that you do.) Today there are even more natural ways of overcoming cancer. Why we don’t hear about most of them is a topic for another blog however I think the more choices we have the better, so people can choose the best treatment for themselves.

As strange as this sounds, I had the advantage of having had a life-threatening inoperable (though non-cancerous) brain tumor years before I was diagnosed with breast cancer and having five neurologists tell me that I was going to die. Because of this I knew not to just go along with what a doctor thinks since five out of five doctors had, thankfully, been wrong in my past. By the time I got breast cancer I had been practicing listening to my body and developing my intuition for many years. (I strongly suggest that everyone start now.) Because I had been developing this, when a friend handed me Bill Henderson’s protocol and suggested that I might consider it, I immediately knew that this was what I’d been looking for because every cell in my body immediately said “Yes!”

My suggestion is to use your intuition as best you possibly can, while doing research and while hearing what other people think and suggest, to decide what is best for you because, only you can decide. And remember that you always have options, even when you think you don’t. You and only you are in the driver’s seat. I still practice listening to my intuition every day, knowing that it is my responsibility to make the best choices for myself. I find this to be very empowering and it has changed me forever. Remember the song, “I am Woman. Hear me Roar”?  Or “Don’t Rain On My Parade?” I still sing this often to bring me strength and comfort.

What I particularly loved about Bill Henderson’s protocol is that he explains in his book how to test our level of cancer every 8 weeks without having the need (or expense) of a doctor. Consequently, when I got my second test results back (The 1st was just a baseline.), I knew that overcoming cancer using natural means was not only possible but that I truly doing it! After this, every time each test came back and the number had decreased — meaning the cancer was not spreading and was going away — I was elated.

What I found particularly interesting is that my MRI and mammogram came back cancer-free in just five months. However this test that Bill Henderson suggests we use was far more conservative. It took me almost three years to finally get below the designated number and reach my goal and celebrate being cancer-free.

I cannot help but wonder if this is one of the reasons why people who use conventional treatments so often get reoccurring cancer. This and they don’t change their diet or their lifestyle that created the environment in which their cancer grew in the first place, I think contributes.

Regarding the fruit that I ate every day, people have said the same thing to me — that I should not to be eating so much fruit. My response to this is that I ate this amount of fruit and got rid of my cancer, so what does this say? I did only eat the amount of fruit I ate to what Bill Henderson suggested and if I ate a date, for example, I always ate it with a protein, such as a walnut, to slow down my body’s glycemic response.

I did have some problems when I tried to eat more than 80% raw foods which I did for a time because I was actually considering going on an all raw diet, but my stomach rebelled. Knowing how important having a happy gut is — I recently read that our gut is responsible for 60%-70% of our immune system — I’d suggest having a thermography test to see how healthy yours is.

Naturopathic physician Dr. Jaime Lee said “Some raw is good for the enzymes, but if we do too much raw it can become an issue for our body to absorb the nutrients. When we slightly steam cook our food, our body absorbs more nutrients because it’s not working so hard to break down the raw food.”

I did not meet Dr. Lee until after I had tested cancer-free so I did eat a diet that was 80% raw, as Bill Henderson suggested to overcome cancer – and it did work for me — however when I later had a thermogram, there were problems in my gut but it was easily corrected using probiotics. This is why I suggest having this test now, to make sure your gut and immune system are working at their best. By the way, if I had young children, I’d have them all tested every year so I knew how best to keep them healthy.

Not everyone is familiar with a thermogram so you can read more about this test and reach Dr. Lee, who I think is great, at  She’s really a wonderful person with a huge and loving heart.

I also suggest that you do not get the digital version of this test because it doesn’t test the physiology of the whole body, as does the test that Dr. Lee offers.

A thermogram can even detect issues years before symptoms arise, giving us the opportunity to prevent illnesses in our future! If you believe in preventive medicine like I do, then this is the perfect test for you. Additionally, never again am I getting a mammogram. I’m having a thermography test instead. You’re familiar with Dr. Christiane Northrup?  She recommends this, as well as Dr. Lee.

Bill Henderson suggests no dairy so I respect this and eat no dairy, except for the flax seed and cottage cheese mixture that he requires we eat every day. (Once mixed together, even lactose intolerant people can eat this.) I do love and use coconut milk a lot. And I’ve never been much of a drinker myself but now that I am cancer-free, I do enjoy drinking a glass of red wine, maybe once a week while socializing with a friend. I even treated myself to a glass of red wine, once in a while, before I was cancer-free, at a cancer coach’s suggestion.

Knowing our bodies seldom get the amount of water that they need, I mostly drink water now. Festive drinks? I certainly do understand this feeling of wanting to be celebratory. Socially, I will admit this diet can be tough. I still have to avoid social events so I will not be tempted to eat something I shouldn’t or feel sorry for myself because of things I can not have. Avoiding feeling like a victim is very important so I would avoid socializing under situations that felt “unsafe.” Thankfully my friends have been very supportive.

When I do want a festive drink, I have ½ naturally sweetened cranberry juice and club soda with a lime. (I also think it’s pretty.) If you Google “festive non-alcohol drinks”, I’m sure you can find more. There is no need to avoid hot cider. You can drink 100% unsweetened fruit juices, if you halve them with water. Is Kombucha alright to drink? A friend said she didn’t like the taste of this so I never had a desire to try it. Just check the label. In fact, check the labels on food, drinks, body lotions, make-up, shampoos, cleaning products, etc.

Whenever I am tempted to eat something I shouldn’t I still ask myself, “Do I want to eat this or keep my breast?” which puts things quickly into perspective for me. Foods that I see tempting but can’t eat, I call “cancer foods”. This does a very good job of freeing me of my desire. Each person, I trust, will develop what works best for him or her. I promise you it gets easier over time.

It’s important for everyone diagnosed with cancer to choose a treatment that works best for them because our attitude has much to do with our success. We are all so different, so having various options is actually perfect, though I understand it can be confusing. With many choices, people can find the best treatment for them and I think that this is a very good thing. Personally, I loved having a protocol that helped me get healthier in mind, body, and spirit and encouraged me to develop healthier habits while helping me rid myself of cancer too. It was perfect for me but I do not expect Bill Henderson’s protocol to be the right choice for everyone.

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