“Three Organic Campari Tomatoes” Makes a Perfect Christmas Gift!

"Three Organic Campari Tomatoes"

Three Organic Campari Tomatoes” is an original oil painting on linen canvas I painted that can be yours. All materials are archival. Bids start at only $100 and will end in just five days. Because I overcame cancer using a plant-based diet, I have a new love and appreciation for fruits and vegetables. Because of this, I am painting these precious plants to remind and help as many people as possible to eat healthy everyday. The paintings are all unframed and small in size so that they can be hung in an intimate place in people’s homes at a price that allows most people to be able to own one; some may even want to start a collection. To bid on this painting, click  here.

2 thoughts on ““Three Organic Campari Tomatoes” Makes a Perfect Christmas Gift!

  1. sandipgold

    Thanks Cricket, I love you too! I’m doing my best to be my most authentic self using and appreciating the skills that I’ve been given, to help as many people as I can, having learned how other’s support is so very important. I’m so appreciate all the people, just like yourself, who have helped and given to me when God knows I needed it. Hey! I’m doing just as you are also, my dear. XXX


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