Monthly Archives: July 2020

I am adding a page to my website to help people diagnosed with cancer or any life-threatening disease. Stay tuned!

I am having so much fun creating a new page on my website to help all who have been diagnosed with cancer (or any life-threatening illness) and could use some free and uplifting help. Here you’ll find suggestions that have personally helped me when I was struggling with my health. Once the page is up and published (hopefully no later than Wednesday), when any of you ever have a loved one who could use this kind of help, no longer do you have to feel that helpless feeling again for soon you can just send them here. Not only will they get much of the information that helped save my life (obviously there is far more in my forthcoming book scheduled scheduled to published in 2021) but I’ve asked my own support team to be guests (along with their photos and contact information) on this page too. They’ve generously shared their own information that I’ve personally found invaluable! As I’ve been working on this page and seeing these smiling faces, I can feel my body strengthen. I’ve been smiling for two days now in gratitude – not just for these four delightful women who have helped me so very much – but for all the help I’ve received from so many wonderful, loving, and kind people over many years so that I am alive and so happy today.