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Twice I have done what doctors have told me was impossible to do. In 1986 I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and was told by five neurologists that I would die within a year. In 2011, two doctors urged me to get a mastectomy "within a month" to stop the spread of breast cancer. I declined the operation & chose to use a natural protocol instead. Today I am cancer-free and is eager to share my experiences in hope of helping others, through my writing, my book, workshops and talks and through my artwork. I also encourage people to ask me any questions using my contact form on my website


Have you ever awakened in the morning feeling loved and appreciating your life and all the people in it? Today I had one of those mornings. I literally woke up with a smile on my face.

Last Friday I had an appointment with my physical therapist Ron Agostini, owner of Physical Therapy of Mystic, in Groton, CT. Ron began, as he always does, by using kinesiology to ask my body where it needed his help on that day. Despite originally coming to him with a problem with my arm, he held both sides of my temples and jaw, for roughly 3 to 4 minutes.

My sight got very blurry and I began seeing waves and I felt an intense sadness as tears fell down my cheeks. When he released his hands, Ron reassuringly replied, “I think we just discovered where you’ve been holding your stress.”

Since my jaw has felt “lighter” than it had in years and I do not want to hold onto any addition stress, I’ve been focusing on seeing and accepting whatever comes my way. I’m doing my best to remain calm and connected within, and accepting what is.

Life and people always surprise us because they are so unpredictable. Everything changes and life is always filled with surprises. Having the ability to accept whatever comes our way and to embrace it, transforms us in many positive ways.

I know that it’s not easy to accept and embrace anything when we are in pain and suffering, so what I have found helps is to first start by cultivating acceptance with less difficult things. Start small and often, and soon you’ll be prepared when difficult challenges come your way.

Have you noticed that whenever we fight and resist things, we generate additional problems for ourselves and that our thinking often becomes distorted? We can accept what’s happening, see the positive, and choose a peaceful state of mind or we can fight, be miserable, and struggle.

Being sick and getting easily fatigued for so many years, forced me to think about how I wanted to use the energy I had. By accepting that everyone has their own perspective — and by understanding and accepting that everyone is supposed to and respecting this — has made my own life run so much smoother. By accepting that my way isn’t the only way to see things, has helped my body to grow stronger too.

By accepting and viewing things from a calm perspective and focusing on how to solve problems —and avoiding blaming others or feeling sorry for myself — has not only cultivated much happiness in my life, improved relationships and helped me to achieve my goals, but it has reduced the stress I was putting on my body.

We cannot change others but thankfully we can change ourselves. By doing so, our lives can greatly improve.

Sending my love and peace,


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In 1986 I was told that I was going to die of a brain tumor within the year by five neurologists. I did research and lived. In 2011 I was told I needed to get a mastectomy within a month or my life could be threatened. Again  I did research and chose to use a natural protocol instead. My MRI, mammogram, ultra sound and thermogram have all come back cancer-free and now  I want to share my story to help others.

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