morgan and whaleboat 004When I chose to use natural means to overcome cancer, I couldn’t find anyone who had done this before who I could get answers from to my many questions. I would have found this to be extremely helpful! Therefore I am making myself as assessable as possible through my book, talks, workshops, blog, by sharing delicious and healthy recipes that I’ve used myself, by inviting you to ask me questions and answering these on my blog and by offering private consultations. If there’s anything more that I can possibly do, please contact me with your ideas!

Please use this contact form to not just ask questions, but to submit vegan recipes, and to share your own successful stories. By submitting them, please know that you are giving me permission to use them, as I choose to inspire others. Also please use this form to share the names of your favorite oncologists who understand and respect holistic healthcare. Because I discovered that they are rare and often difficult to find in many places, with your help, I am happy to coordinate this and in time, post these doctor’s names so that others can benefit from their care too.