Private Consultations

Sandi catboat 9x12I would have found it extremely helpful to know someone who overcame cancer using natural means or someone to help inspire me during the times that I felt overwhelmed.

I would have loved having the opportunity to talk to someone “who has been there” before choosing my own treatment. To be able to ask someone questions about the many challenges I faced, maybe even how best to cope with loved ones unintentionally causing stress, would have brought me such relief and comfort. There were times I just needed to be heard and understood. There were times when I could have used some inspiration and been given some kind words of encouragement and no one was available or able to give it. There were many times that I had questions and in need of help. Because of this I am making myself as available to help you, as much as I can possibly be.

To schedule an appointment, please enter your email address and phone number and your message in the contact form below. I will answer all queries regarding scheduling appointments and questions about payments as soon as possible.

Private Consultations are available by email, phone and Skype. If you don’t have Skype you can easily download it

Costs for Private Consultations

One hour session on Skype or phone – $85.00.


One hour session on Skype or phone 30 minutes – $50.00.


To ask a question via email – $35.00.


Unlimited questions via email for a year – $175.00.



For your convenience, you may pay by check or Pay Pal. Use the “Buy Now” provided above to pay using PayPal. If you prefer to pay by check, using the contact form ask for my address where you can send your check. Either way, be sure to include your phone number or email address so that I may contact you.

Free webinars will be offered in the future. Please check back for information regarding these or subscribe to my blog to keep updated and informed.

To schedule a live talks and workshops, there is a list of the specific kind workshops I offer on my page titled “Talks and Workshops”. However I also design workshops to suit your company or organization’s individual’s needs so please do not hesitate to ask me. Here you will also find talks and workshops that are opened to the public.