Talks and Workshops

grotonlgptdalelarge2Upon the launch of my book “The Art of Living” I will be giving talks as well as Expressive Art Workshops and facilitating Kiloby Inquiries to health clinics, non-profit organizations, hospitals, churches, businesses, recovery centers and cancer clinics IF the pandemic we’re presently experiencing allows me to in person. Otherwise my plan is to offer these on Zoom where I will personally answer questions and spend individual time helping people in a comfortable and intimate setting.

Ideas for Expressive Art Workshops that I have designed include but are limited to:
Stress Management, Empowering Ourselves, What to do When Our World Is Falling Apart, How to Build Confidence in Ourselves/ Developing Our Intuition,I’ve Got Cancer!, I’m So Afraid of DyingPeople Are Driving me Nutty!,
Ways to Support Loved Ones When They Their Health is Challenged

I enjoy designing talks and workshops for your organization’s individual needs. Please let me know how the goal of your workshop — what the purpose — is when you fill out the contact form below. I will call you and we can discuss how I may be the most help to you.