Talks and Workshops



grotonlgptdalelarge2I am available by offering talks and Expressive Art Workshops to health clinics, non-profit organizations, hospitals, churches, businesses, and cancer clinics.  Here, I can personally answer questions and spend individual time helping people in a comfortable and intimate setting.

Ideas for Expressive Art Workshops that I have designed include but are limited to:
Stress Management, Empowering Ourselves, What to do When Our World Is Falling Apart, How to Build Confidence in Ourselves/ Developing Our Intuition,I’ve Got Cancer!,              I’m So Afraid of DyingPeople Are Driving me Nutty!,
Ways to Support Loved Ones When They Their Health is Challenged

I enjoy designing talks and workshops for your organization’s individual needs. Please let me know how the goal of your workshop — what the purpose — is when you fill out the contact form below. I will call you and we can discuss how I may be the most help to you.