The Kiloby Inquiries

What are the Kiloby Inquiries?

To help people overcome addictions and traumas, The Kiloby Inquiries were developed at the Kiloby Center for Recovery in Rancho Mirage, California, the first mindfulness-based recovery center in the United States. By teaching people to inquire from a place of awareness, people are learning to see, feel and heal their feelings of unworthiness – a common problem most people suffer from believing there’s something truly wrong with us. Until we are able to free ourselves from our false beliefs, we’ll needlessly suffer because of this all throughout our lives. It is also now understood and recognized by professionals in the field of addictions, that all addictions stem from a childhood trauma.

After getting a life-threatening brain tumor, like many others who’ve been traumatized, I became hyper-vigilant- meaning it was impossible for me to feel safe or trust anyone.

To help myself navigate through the frightening medical world, I’d learned long ago to listen to my body similarly to the way the Kiloby Inquiries do – because this is where our true strength resides. I would feel my body’s somatic responses knowing this could always be trusted. But the Kiloby Inquiries go much farther than I did by fine-tuning what I’d taught myself. They’ve helped me to see and release the fears and distorted beliefs that had been imprisoning me.

All traumas are stored in our bodies. Even though our trauma may have occurred decades earlier, until we release it, it hinders our lives. For example, as a child our parents may have gotten divorced or favored a sibling, a teacher may have humiliated us, or we were bullied at school, or perhaps we lost a grandparent who had been our protector. As a child because we didn’t have tools to cope with this, we got traumatized.

The Kiloby Inquiries helped me see that there was really nothing wrong with me after decades of seriously believing that I’d become “damaged goods” since I’d been traumatized so many times. I learned my body was reacting in the way our bodies were created to react after we’ve been traumatized and that our bodies had the ability to heal once we understand and address our traumas in a loving and compassionate way. I’ve never found anything more helpful in helping me heal than the Kiloby Inquiries, and I’ve now become a certified Kiloby Facilitator.