Welcome to “The Art of Living”

Sandi Gold

In 1986 five neurologists told me, Sandi Gold, that I was going to die of an inoperable, fast growing brain tumor in less than a year. After doing research, I discovered a treatment that saved my life. In 2011 two doctors told me after being diagnosed with breast cancer, that I had to have a mastectomy within a month or my life would be threatened. I declined and chose to use a natural protocol. In five months – with no help from any doctor – my  MRI and mammogram showed no cancer and I have consistently tested cancer-free ever since. To read more about this, see my page “Been Diagnosed with a Life-threatening Disease.”

From my experience I learned much about life and healthy living, navigating through the often challenging and perplexing medical world, and the importance of finding strength within ourselves and having a strong support system. I have written about my experience in a soon-to-be-published book titled “The Art of Living.” 

Due to the pandemic we are presently experiencing, the book launch has been delayed until 2021.