Sandi-Gold-bookMy soon-to-be-finished book, titled “The Art of Living,” is the story of how I overcame breast cancer by questioning the only treatment offered to me. Despite my oncologist’s advice to get a mastectomy and insisting it was impossible to overcome cancer using natural means, I completely rid my body of cancer and avoided surgery, using only natural means! Now I want others to learn from my success and to benefit from it.

Twenty-five years earlier, I had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and told by five neurologists that I was going to die within a year.  Consequently, I knew that doctors made mistakes. Before agreeing to having surgery, I had to stop and think and do research. Most people don’t. In  “The Art of Living” I share what I learned from this and the many health challenges I faced, including what I did to rid my body of cancer, how to navigate through the often-challenging and perplexing medical world, and I describe the many ways people helped me along the way, and why supporting someone whose health is compromised is very important.

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