Sandi’s Book Will Be Available in October 2023!

After five neurologists tell author Sandi Gold she has less than a year to live due to an inoperable, fast-growing, brain tumor in the worst part of the brain, she uses her body’s wisdom for guidance to save her life. Because her symptoms were “only emotional,” her neurologist accuses her of not telling him all her symptoms. “I don’t know how your other patients reacted, but this is the way my body handles having a brain tumor” she said and realized she couldn’t afford to think as myopically as him, or she would surely die.

She discovers a little-known treatment called Proton Beam Radiation that could possibly save her, but the procedure could also possibly kill her or give her radiation damage. Unfortunately it does. The only doctor who had helped her died, and his three replacements miserably fail when they attempt to help. This is the most frightening time in Sandi’s life and what Sandi finds most disconcerting is that after she gets radiation damage and is in desperate need of help, her family spews anger at her and refuses to tell her why.

Forced to see how dysfunctional her family and the medical world is, Sandi finds success using natural remedies, including looking within herself and painfully addressing her health-related traumas and the trauma from her family’s shocking betrayal. Diving deep into her heart to understand why her family turned on her, proves that love isn’t dependent on others’ actions because she’ll always love her family and will never waste a moment of her precious life holding onto angry like they do.  

Sandi feels blessed to have a family she’s always loved as much as she does and for having this opportunity to experience the extraordinary strength of love – and she is grateful that she knew to use love to help her heal. In her yet unnamed book scheduled to be published in 2023, Sandi shares life-altering, nuggets of precious wisdom. Whether we have a life-threatening disease or are scared of getting ill or simply unhappy with our lives or want to know the most loving and helpful way to support our ill loved ones, the answers are all in her book “I Chose Love.”