Solaris Blanket

sandi-solaris-colorThe Solaris Blanket got rid of my migraines!
I too thought this sounded absolutely ridiculous when my friend Jessica first suggested this but…

This blanket is based on Dr. William Reich’s research in the 1940’s which was extensively used within the Russian Space Program, when it was discovered that their astronauts recovered much faster from their strenuous activity when they remained in their spacesuits longer after coming back to earth. The Solaris blanket is made from the same material that lined their spacesuits. This material helps to activate and balance the energy flow throughout our bodies and acts like an electro-magnetic mirror, reflecting the body’s natural radiation back onto itself. The result is that our natural energy flow is rebalanced and restored, which corrects imperfections and improves our overall health. It certainly has done this for me!

Regular use allows the body to regain its natural healing powers. My own personal experience is to feel a calming effect while wrapped in my blanket. If I go awhile without using it, I get a migraine. Wrapping myself in my blanket for about 20-30 minutes has consistently and magically made my migraine go away.

I got radiation damage from my treatment for a brain tumor in 1987 and suffered from migraines for literally decades.  Because mine were man-made, they affected my entire neurological system, meaning I felt pain from my head to my feet. In December of 2013, I got a migraine and had to quickly leave a party in pain and fear that I was going to get sick. A girlfriend I’d come with insisted I come to her house  and wrap myself in her blanket. And I looked at her as though she had two heads! But when I went a few days later and I did feel relaxed when I wrapped myself in it. Each time I returned I could feel my body growing stronger. One day, I got a migraine and hurried  to her house and within 30 minutes it was completely gone! Never before had anything like this ever happened and I thought “Perhaps this is just a coincidence.” But it happened again and it was then I knew that I had to buy myself one. It was the best thing I could have done. When I think of all the medications I had been spending money on and the pain I’d suffered and all the time I’d lost, the blanket has actually saved me money. No longer do I suffer from any unhealthy side effects from the medication I was taking either.

The blanket works using an accumulative effect. Twice I forgot to use my blanket and I got a migraine again. When I used the blanket, the migraine went away. Never again have I forgotten. In fact now I sleep with it.

In doing research I discovered the blanket: “reduces stress and tension, and with repeated use strengthens the immune system and decreases seasonal infections and allergies. It reduces recovery periods from traumas, injuries, surgery, and common illnesses as well as enhances the effectiveness of other treatments. It aids in the redistributing the body’s energy, promoting faster healing and encouraging blood flow in areas of poor circulation. It has a calming effect on children, providing nearly miraculous cure of diaper rash. It increases brain wave activity, thereby enhancing one’s mood and outlook. It is safe to use, with no complications or side effects. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other therapies, or wellness programs. It is user-friendly and durable and environmental friendly — meaning no power required. It is practical and portable can be used in your office or home”.

“It only takes 20-40 minutes each day — there is an accumulative effect — in a relaxed environment for the soothing comfort to produce effects. Because it is not a treatment but improves the body’s self-corrective processes, a wide variety of disorders and diseases are positively influenced: Excellent results have been achieved with stress-related diseases. The blanket strengthens the users against dangers and hazards in the environment; it is especially valuable for newborn and the elderly. It effects can also be to an advantage in maximizing athletic performance.”

For prices, questions and for further information call 1-855-468-0033 and ask for Jeannie at She’s more than happy to answer your questions.  Anyone there will. Just so you know — to practice full disclosure — they are giving me a small percentage for every blanket sold for referring you. What they don’t know is that I would have created this page to share my story anyway because I want others to experience the joy and relief that I’ve received from mine!