The Mural

This video is from ABC’s news show 20/20 and appeared in April of 1994 and is reposted here with permission. This video of Sandi Gold’s project “The Temple of the Soul” was in the top three most popular segments on 20/20 watched that year.

To express her appreciation of life and to let other people know that Proton Beam Therapy is available should they ever need it, Sandi painted and erased a huge mural in the Westerly Public Library to express what she’d learned after being told that she was going to die.

If all goes as planned, Sandi’s book launching will be held on December 6th 2023 in the Hoxie Gallery in Westerly, RI – celebrating her 30-year anniversary of when she painted and erased the mural! The walls will be surrounded by examples of Expressive Art by students from Salve Regina University Expressive Art program representing different sections of her book as well as their appreciation of their lives.

Mark your calendars now and tell your friends. And yes, the media will be invited again!

It’s not how long we live but the depth of our appreciation of life that’s important.”